Nordstrand NVT mid
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Dit is een RWRP Tele neck pickup, bedoeld als midden pickup in een 3 pickup situatie.
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The NVT has a warm, wholesome, and characteristic sound that could be described as the Goldilocks zone of Telecaster tone: not too hot, not too cool. The era-correct specs of this pickup’s design give it its awesome vintage flavor, and will not disappoint any player who is looking for a complex tone that doesn’t diverge in any way from traditional Tele character. Through the dynamic spectrum of a full bodied neck and a supple, crooning bridge, your guitar will produce tonal lullabies that have the power to hypnotize any audience caught listening as you strum your way to sonic nirvana.

Technical Details:

Vintage spec version of a traditional Telecaster pickup set.

Era-correct wire and build dimensions.

Alnico V magnets.

The NVT utilizes our hand-wind simulated CNC programable winder, giving the coil the era-correct dimensions integral to Telecaster tone.

A chrome-plated nickel cover for the neck position.

Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone.

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