Nordstrand NJ5F set
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Een 5 snarige set van brug- en neckpickup. Gewikkeld in 60's style windings, met alnico 5 magneten. Deze past in Fender JB5 covers.
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This is a vintage style single coil pickup made with 60s era correct Heavy Formvar wire, alnico V magnets, and wound with a programmable CNC winder that simulates a vintage hand wound pattern. The combination of the HF wire in correspondence with the simulated hand wind produces the pickup's lowered resonant peak, which is the source of the hypnotizing ambrosia that is the NJ5's divine high end. Between its high and low end frequencies, this pickup produces a full-bodied sound that replicates the drive synonymous with 60s vintage tone.

Technical Details:

Single coil 5 string jazz-type bass pickup

Fender spacing

Standard Alnico V magnets.

Drop-in J replacement pickup.

Available in black plastic covers.

Laser cut bobbins wound with Era Correct Heavy Formvar wire.

Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone

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