About us

In 1996 Sander de Gier started his career as guitarmaker and repairman in Schiedam. He gained a good reputation over the years and in 2002 he moved the company to a new building with better facilities. Not long thereafter the first webshop was opened. Effectpedals (DIY) and parts for guitars and basses were and are the products that we sell. We also have our own line of (De Gier) gig bags and straps.


De Gier Pedals & Parts/Guitars & Basses is a real family business, with Sander as builder and designer, and Marianne and Annelijn de Gier as webshop developer and salesperson. We place great value on personal contact. We know our customers and think along with them/you.



Look around in our online shop! You can always call or email us for any questions about our products. Call +31 10 4263065 or email to: [email protected]


You can find our guitars and basses at: www.degierguitars.com