Spectraflex Fatso Flex 18ft white/black
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If you play really loud, you need a Fatso Flex.
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Fatso-Flex is a larger diameter version of our original series cable, with a little something extra. We incorporate the exclusive Spectraflex Multi-Layer Braid technology for the ultimate in flexibility and handling noise reduction. The additional layers provide the insulation needed to eliminate high volume microphonics and squealing. If you play really loud, you need a Fatso-Flex. Other benefits include increased strength and strain relief

Rugged, engineered Nylon-Multi-layer Braiding, available in seemingly endless color/pattern combinations, covering a tough PVC outer jacket-20 AWG Ultra-Pure Copper Center Conductor

95% Overall Copper Shield

100% Coverage Inner Conductive PVC Shield

G&H Industries Connectors featuring "Copper Core"™ Technology State of the art construction designed for extended frequency response and extremely low handling noise

2 Straight Plugs.

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