De Gier Guitars Copper foil sheet 250x400mm
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Unique in the market, a large sheet of adhesive copperfoil (with conductive glue) to use on pickguards. Backside, for a good understanding.


The thickness is 0.05mm.


Pickguards can hold an electrostatic charge, caused by rubbing with clothes, change in humidity, etc. If there is a pickup in the pickguard, you'll hear it as light crackling noise. Especially if you touch it. Solution: pickguard shielding.


Apply adhesive copperfoil to the backside of the pickguard, and connect the foil to ground with a wire. We usually put a piece of copperfoil on the body (underneath the pickguard) that runs into a pickupcavity. There we solder a wire. This has the advantage that the wire doesn't lift the pickguard, and the wire can go through the channel where your pickupwire runs.


In the past we used to buy similar sheets from Ventura Tapes. After 3M took over the company, the prices increased considerably. So we decided to have our own sheets produced for us. That way we can keep the cost low. A sheet of copperfoil from Ventura may cost you 20 euro nowadays. Ours is 7,50 euro. Take your profit.


You can also use these sheets for shielding electronics cavities. It is useful when you want to apply 1 piece to the bottom, instead of several strokes of coppertape. The glue layer is conductive, however we like to solder all used pieces to each other.


If you need larger quantities (e.g guitarmaker), the we offer reduced prices. See the dropdown menu. You can also buy a 25m roll if you really need a lot.


Don't forget to check our copperfoil tapes. They are priced sharply too.




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