Build Your Own Clone Classic Compressor
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This is the lower-fi vintage sound and simplicity of a straight up Ross compressor clone.
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Our 5 Knob Compressor is the pinnacle in the evolution of the Dynacomp/Ross circuit. Yet some people still prefer the lower-fi vintage sound and simplicity of a straight up Ross compressor clone. For those people, we offer the Classic Compressor. It has no modifications, just the standard Sustain and Level knobs. The circuit is true to the original Ross gray compressor and comes with the CA3080E chip and 2N5088 transistors (these are the semi-conductors currently used in the Keeley Compressor). 1% Metal film resistors, polyester metal film caps, a double sided PCB, and Neutrik jacks make this kit a bargain when compared to other Ross clones. And yes, this pedal is true bypass.

The stock BYOC Classic Compressor kit can go head to head with the finest Ross clones. But add the Vintage Upgrade Pack and you'll give your compressor the vintage mojo that the the other clones just don't have.

This upgrade pack comes with one CA3080A chip, one TO-100 gold plated socket, and five 2SC1849 transistors. The metal canCA3080A was the chip used in the very first script logo Dynacomps. The 2SC1849 transistors were used in the script logo Dynacomps, the original Ross gray compressor, and the early Keeley Compressors. With the Vintage Upgrade Pack, the compressor has all the squish of the CA3080E/2N5088 combo, but with a more natural attack, more overall volume, and better retention of high frequencies. These parts aren't cheap, but they're well worth the extra coin if you're looking for the ultimate Ross clone.

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